Central City

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Central City, Licking County, Ohio

1920 Population - no records available

         Central City was located at the New York Central Railroad (T&OC - Eastern Branch) crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad/Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Columbus-Newark shared track.  The crossing was located between Granville to the north and Hebron to the south.  The Eastern Branch ran from Toledo to Thurston.
         By the 1950s the interlocking tower controlling the crossing was named Heath for the community being developed just to the east of the crossing.

The single track T&OC is crossing the PRR/B&O double track.

Photo from the Dan West (http://west2k.com/ohio.htm) Collection, circa 1900

The replacement interlocking tower at Heath in April 1955.   Pennsylvania Railroad's EMD No. 5849 is crossing the NYC (T&OC).   The camera is looking west.

Photo by Donald A. Kaiser.

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