Aerial Photos

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Aerial Photos of Columbus

The red background denotes a photo from the
Peerless/Mayfield Collection of Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs Northwest of Broad and High Streets

Rivers Confluence
Columbus - Franklinton
Spruce Street
Spruce Street
Spruce Street
CUS & West
West Columbus
West Columbus Yard
from the West
Olentangy River Crossing
Miami Crossing
Buckeye Yard
North Columbus

Aerial Photographs Northeast of Broad and High Streets

CUS Complex
Freight House Row
Columbus Union Station
Third St Viaduct - 1
Third St Viaduct - 2
Cleveland Ave.
Cleveland Ave
Looking East
Leonard Ave
Looking East
Twentieth Street Shops
Joyce Avenue Yard
State Fairgrounds
Looking Northwest
Ralston Steel Car Co.

Aerial Photographs Southeast of Broad and High Streets

Central Columbus

Additional Photographs
From the Photos of the Month Collection