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The Westerville Car Line in The Newspapers

The Electric Powerhouse:   In 1894 when the Columbus Central Street Railway was building the Westerville line there was no electric company ready to sell them 600 volts DC power. They had to build their own powerhouse. This article describes the powerhouse they planned to build. After the Columbus Railway Power & Light Co. took over the CCSR the powerhouse was converted to a substation with CRP&L supplying high voltage AC power from their Spring Street powerhouse. The old CCSR powerhouse was equipped with motor-generator or more likely rotary converter sets to generate the 600V DC for the trolley wire.

First Westerville Car Arrives:   August 24, 1985 the long anticipated interurban car arrives in Westerville with a brass band and much celebration. Also read about the Minerva Amusement Park's Scenic Railroad and its creator Mr. La Marcus Thompson originally from Linking County, Ohio.

Palace Car Minerva:   In 1896 the Columbus Central Street Railway Co. purchased an elegant party car for taking special groups to Minerva Park. The car is described in great detail even to the white uniforms to be worn by the motorman and conductor.

Life on the Westerville Car Line:   Growing up in the early Twentieth Century Howard McKinley Corning lived on a twelve acre farm facing Cleveland Avenue in Linden Heights. Their family farm was north of Oakland Park Avenue near Huy Road. He comments on watching the interurban cars passing their home and visiting Minerva Amusement Park with his family. The only landmark he would recognize today is the McKendrie Chapel now part of the McKendee United Methodist Church. Mr. McKinley’s essay is a fascinating window into the early interurban era in Columbus.