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Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

1920 Population - 237,031

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In 1901 the Interurban Union Station was in a corner row house at 36 West Gay Street on the north leg of the interurban loop .

Photo from the 1906 Street Railway Journal.
         In the early years of the Columbus Newark & Zanesville Electric Railway the interurban line shared a depot at 36 West Gay Street with the Columbus London & Springfield and the Columbus Grove City & Western interurbans.

         The depot was located on the interurban loop built to keep the interurbans off High Street which was congested enough with streetcars. The interurban loop included Rich Street, Third Street, Gay Street and a combination of Water and Scioto Streets along the river. The CN&Z exited and entered the loop from Mound Street

         In 1912 the Ohio Electric built the Interurban Terminal Station and Freight House on Third Street between Rich and Town streets. The new station eliminating the need for the interurban loop.

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The Columbus Interurban Terminal Station circa 1920.

Photo from the Donald A. Kaiser Collection.
         The CN&Z traveled east on Mound Street to exit Columbus. Between Monroe Avenue and Seventeenth Street you would pass a power plant that generated electricity for the interurban lines in Columbus. When the Columbus Railway Power & Light Company took over the interurban lines within the Columbus city limits the power house was converted to a substation. Also, at that time the CRP&L took responsibility for the streetcar service that used the interurban lines. This included the E Mound St-Camp Chase and the Steelton-Summit lines.

         Continuing east the line crossed the Norfolk & Western Railroad and Alum Creek on a trestle and entered Bexley. The line continued east on Mound Street through Bexley until turning north on Pleasant Ridge Avenue. At Main Street the line turned east again. The track ran in the middle of Main Street for a few blocks before moving to the north side of the street where it stayed until Reynoldsburg.

         Aproximately four miles west of Reynoldsburg at Doneys there was an interchange with the Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad.

The Mound Street Power house used to generate power for the interurban lines in Columbus.

Photo from the Alex Campbell Collection, 1912.

East Mound Street at Collage Avenue in Bexley looking east. The back of Capital University is off camera to the left. The interurban line turned north at Pleasant Ridge Avenue to jog over to Main Street.

Photo from the Ohio State University Collection, Forest Ira Blanchard Thesis, 1922.

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