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Along the Right-of-Way of the
Columbus Newark & Zanesville Electric Railway

A two car interurban train is leaving the Columbus Interurban Terminal bound for Zanesville with a swing by Buckeye Lake.

Photo from the Bill Volkmer Collection, circa 1910

         An early Twentieth Century traveler on the CN&Z interurban would pass through three well populated industrial cities, nine farming villages and many flag stops. The CN&Z traveled through picturesque Ohio scenery including Black Hand Gorge between Newark and Zanesville. The Gorge was shared with the Licking River, remnants of the Ohio & Erie Canal and the CN&Z with its 400-foot tunnel.
         With the help of one-hundred-year-old photographs, Along the CN&Z Right-of-Way will give the Twenty-First Central traveler a taste of a typical trip on the 64-mile CN&Z. The local took three hours for the trip which included a stop at Buckeye Lake. The limited, with only one stop, at Newark, took two hours to cover the distance.
         The railway was single-track with many passing sidings. A single-track railway as busy as the CN&Z require train crews and the dispatcher to always be alert and carefully follow the train schedule. Now come along for an old fashion interurban ride through the Ohio country side.

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