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The Columbus Newark & Zanesville Traction Company was the combination of three interurban lines, the Newark-Granville, Columbus-Newark, and Newark-Zanesville lines and the city street car lines in Newark and Zanesville. The interurban line saw many changes first in creating the Columbus - Zanesville line then through the many reorganizations of the railway. The following lists the sequence of events that unfolded over 40 years as the CN&Z was created and eventually abandoned.

The Newark & Granville Railway opened in 1889, eight miles in length. In 1892 the N&G purchased the Newark Street Railway's three streetcar lines with a total 5.5 miles. In 1896 the combined lines became the Newark Consolidated Electric Railway.

The Columbus Buckeye Lake & Newark Traction Company opened in 1902, 37 miles in length with a two-mile spur from Hebron to Buckeye Lake. The power plant was at Hebron and the carbarn at Newark.

In 1902 the Zanesville Railway Light & Power Company was formed from the Zanesville Electric Railway and Zanesville Electric Light Companies. The line was ten miles in length with a 5' 2" gauge, 20 motor cars and 11 trailers.

The Columbus Newark & Zanesville Traction Company opened in 1904, 30 miles in length from Newark to Zanesville. In 1904 the CN&Z purchased the Granville line and the Newark city streetcar line. In 1906 the CN&Z acquired the CBL&N which it had a close working relationship. In 1906 the CN&Z also purchased the ZRL&P.

The Indiana Columbus & Eastern Traction Company was formed in 1906 and leased the CN&Z in order to operate it along with its other Ohio traction properties.

In 1907 the Ohio Electric Railway was formed. The IC&E properties along with the CN&Z were leased to the OE. In 1921 the OE went bankrupt. The Columbus-Zanesville line again was operated as the CN&Z.

Southern Ohio Public Service Company in 1925 the CN&Z was sold at auction and reorganized as the SOPS.

In 1929 the CN&Z was abandoned. The Newark-Granville line had been abandoned in 1923.

1924 Statistics
McGraw Electric Railway Directory

The Columbus, Newark & Zanesville Electric Railway Co. (formerly operated as part of the Ohio Electric Railway Co.) (Operates the Columbus to Zanesville, the Newark City, the Zanesville City Railway and Zanesville Light & Power Divisions). (Also operates and controls The Columbus & Zanesville Transportation Co. – Bus Line)

HEBRON POWER STATION – 3 AC General Electric generators with a total of 3100 KW, 13,200 volt, 3 phase, 25 cycle; 3200 HP engine, Hamilton Corliss; 2600 hp boiler, Babcock and Willcox; transmission voltage 13,200 volts AC; trolley voltage 650 volts DC.

ZANESVILLE POWER STATION – 5 AC General Electric-Westinghouse, total 2950 KW, 2300 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle; 1500 HP boiler Heine Boiler Co.

Repair shops are at Zanesville and Newark.

The CN&Z reaches Gant Park, Zanesville, 92.05 miles; there are 46 passenger cars, 19 freight cars and 6 miscellaneous cars; 13 passenger buses.

Fare tickets 9 for 50 cents.