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1903 Brochure

CD&M Brochure-Part I
CD&M Brochure-Part II
CD&M Brochure-Part III
CD&M Brochure-Map
This circa 1903 brochure was prepared before the CD&M construction was complete. For example there is no photo of the Marion depot and the map shows a line from Prospect to Richwood. That line, the Delaware & Magnetic Springs Railway was built from Delaware through Magnetic Springs to Richwood.

Warning the brochure files are large and will take time to load on your PC.

Right-of-Way & Track Maps

Worthington Bypass
Delaware County

Ohio Inspection Bureau Reports

OIB Report 1910
Full Report
OIB Report 1923
Full Report
OIB Report 1926
OIB Report 1929
Full Report
OIB Report 1930
OIB Report 1932


CD&M-1920 Timetable
CD&M-1930 Timetable


CD&M-1924 Tariff