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Newspaper Articles

         Newspapers have been described as "the first rough draft of history."   Articles from the horsecar days - 1863-1892 and electric streetcar days - 1888-1948 provide a window into the streetcar era.

Oct. 26, 1872

Critique of the Columbus Street Railways - Horsecar lines were in bad shape making nobody happy in 1872.    Newspaper

May 16, 1885

Street Railway Matters - Going ons in the 1885 streetcar business.    Newspaper

April, 1888

Critique of the Columbus Street Railways - by 1888 the horse car lines were much improved and electric streetcars were showing promise.    Newspaper

Sept., 1938

Mrs. Byers First Streetcar Ride in September, 1889. -    Newspaper

Sept., 1948

The Rise and Fall of The Electric lines Recalled by Floyd Clunis. -    Newspaper

Sept., 1948

The Last Streetcar in Columbus. -    Newspaper

Nov., 1957

Oscar Hott President of the Columbus Transit Company. -    Newspaper

Newspaper Articles

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