Accident Accounts

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Accident Accounts

June 29, 1874

High Street at Columbus Union Depot - Columbus Street Railway Co. horsecar struck by a train. One passenger injured. - Newspaper

Oct. 1, 1902

West Side - a Columbus Railway & Light Co. streetcar struck a PRR freight train crossing West Broad Street. Eight persons were injured. - Newspaper

Oct. 1, 1907

Town Street - a Baltimore & Ohio Railroad passenger train struck and demolished a CRP&L Co. streetcar. There were no injuries - Newspaper

Aug. 27, 1912

West Broad Street - a Columbus Railway Power & Light streetcar struck a fire truck. One fireman was killed and one injured - Newspaper

Mar. 27, 1914

High Street - The new double-deck streetcar struck an automobile. There were three injuries - Newspaper

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Accident Accounts