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January 2017

Ten Years and Counting - #7
Maps & More

         The three Maps & More pages ( Streetcar Maps & More, Interurban Maps & More, and Steam Railroad Maps & More) are where you will find maps, train schedules, timetables, brochures and other railroad associated material. As a general rule Columbus specific material is listed under Streetcars and the broader Ohio material under Steam Railroads. Interurban material can be found in all three sections. Once you bring up one of the three Maps & More indexes it is easy to transfer to the other two indexes.
         There is so much material listed under the three sections the reader will just have to be a little adventurous and look around to become familiar with what is available. The maps especially are a useful historical record of railroading in Twentieth Century Columbus.
         To get started pick one of the three and don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous by trying some of the links to see where they lead.