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April 2014

Columbus Railroads' Flickr Page

A new feature is being added to columbusrailroads.com this month – the Columbus Railroads' Flickr page. Our Flickr page will provide a way to share many more photos from the 1950s and 60s taken from the columbusrailroad.com photo file. Flickr allows the reader to add comments to a photograph. It’s our hope that viewers will post comments.

At first the photos will be mostly by Donald A. Kaiser or from his collection and they will be predominately photos of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The photos will not all be taken in the Columbus area or even Ohio. As time goes on photos of other railroads will be added.

For those readers who are not familiar with Flickr here are a few tips to get you started. You can think of Flickr as a big photo album with the capability to organize the photos in various ways.

“Photostream”, the highest level display, will show you all the photos in the order they were added to Flickr. The last photo added is at the top of the display. This is handy for seeing what is new since the last time you visited columbusrailroads.com’s flickr page. It is not helpful in seeing the photos in the order they were taken or grouped into a coherent story.

“Albums” are where photos can be grouped and ordered into that coherent story. For example the Album “B&O – Columbus-Midland” follows activity at Grove City and the B&O crossing of W. Broad Street in Columbus in the order the fifteen photos were taken. Albums will most likely be the readers most useful feature.

“Collections” are a grouping of Albums. For example all albums with B&O photos will be assigned to a “B&O Railroad” Collection. As more albums are added to Flickr “Collections” will become a more useful tool.