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Columbus Interurban Station Track Drawings

Drawings by Donald A. Kaiser

     When interurbans were first introduced to Columbus the stations for the various interurban companies were located on a loop that included Scioto Street on the west, Gay street on the north, Third Street on the east and Rich Street on the south.  The Scioto Valley Traction station was located in the old Third Street School house on the northeast corner of Third and Rich Streets.

        In 1912 the Ohio Electric Railway Company built the Columbus Interurban Terminal on the northwest corner of Third and Rich Streets.  Besides the Ohio Electric, the Columbus Delaware and Marion Electric Company used the new terminal.  What follows are track layout drawings of the interurban terminal, SVT station and the surrounding area.

        The drawings depict the 1929 track layout for both stations.  The freight yard tracks on the west side of Columbus Interurban Terminal may not be 100% correct as we have conflicting source information.  We have elected to use the Robert F. McAlester drawing as the source for our drawing.  Our draftsman suspects there should be least one more switch making the freight yard a more efficient operation.

        Click on the drawings to enlarge.  A .pdf file for each drawing can be selected as well.


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