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1946 - Columbus Union Station and Areas West


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Goodale Street


C&O Freight House


Goodale Park


B&O Freight House


Park Street


B&O Produce Yard and Team Tracks


Front Street


B&O Gantry Crane


High Street


B&O Engine House & Turntable


Naughten Street


PRR Produce Yard


Fourth Street 18 PRR Freight House


Columbus Union Station 19 Big Four (NYC) Freight House


Big Four (NYC) Main Line

(also used by the B&O)

20 Big Four (NYC) Yard Office
10 PRR Bradford Main Line 21 PRR High Street Tower
11 PRR Xenia Main Line    

Photo of the Columbus Union Station and the area west of High Street to the Big Four's Dennison Avenue Yard.  To see more detail on the Columbus Union Station Area click here.  To see more detail west of the C&O freight house click here.  Photo from the Tom Swisher Collection.

        As was described in the description for the Spruce Street Yards photo there is no train activity here leading to the conclusion that the two photos were taken during the May 1946 national railway strike.  Two locomotives are spotted on the PRR freight by pass on the south side of the station showing little to no smoke.  These may be the two engines that normally handled switching work around the depot.  At the High Street entrance to the station two cars are parked near the street that could belong to the pickets.

       Another interesting feature of this photo are all the streetcars on the streets.  Three lines ran on High Street in front of the station.  The Pennsylvania - Parsons, Neil - Main, and North - South High Street lines as well as the first inroads of trolley coaches, in this case the Indianola trolley coach line.

        Park Street and Front Street were the same street.  North of the girder bridge over the railroad tracks leading into the west side of CUS the street was Park Street.  South of the girder bridge it was Front Street.  Another changing street name is Goodale Street (the Columbus name) and Goodale Blvd. (the Grandview name).  It is also the same street.