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LM/Scioto Tower Photos

        LM/Scioto Tower looking southeast.  The C&O double track is going away from the camera on the right.  The NYC double track is crossing the C&O and PRR and curving to the south on the left side of the tower.  The PRR double track, which looks like a single track in this photo, is crossing both the C&O and NYC.  It is the closest two tracks to the tower.  In an economy move the NYC was single tracked through the crossing in the early 1970's. 

Photo by Bob McCord, John Fuller Collection.

        LM/Scioto Tower looking east across the Scioto River toward downtown Columbus.  The C&O track is closest to the camera, the NYC on the other side of the tower and the PRR track on the left.  The stairs to nowhere are for the tower operator to pass train orders to the C&O train crew.  It was only used when Parsons Avenue couldn't provide the train orders.

Photo by John Fuller, 1971

        The Broad Street side of LM Tower.  This photo was taken in 2002 two days before it was closed for good.

Photo by Edward Miller

        A caboose hop southbound on the NYC taken from LM Tower, June 1970, by tower operator Edward Miller.  For some unknown reason the switcher has a Southern Pacific caboose in tow.

        In the top right of the photo can be seen the pagoda like roof of the tower at the T&OC's Central Station on Broad Street.

        C&O train #47, the northbound Sportsman taken from LM Tower in April 1968, by operator Edward Miller.  #47 will use the Yard A approach to Columbus Union Station.