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LM/Scioto Tower Model Board

Model Board at LM/Scioto Tower taken in the  1970's

        The top of the model board is north.  The explanation will use the 1950's names for the three railroads.

        The C&O is running north-south, the PRR east-west and the NYC is coming from the west turning south as it crossed both the C&O and PRR.  The numbers on the board correspond to the switch lever numbers.  The levers were actually pistol grip pulls that electrically operated the track switches.  The red lights were illuminated when a train was in the block.  The block was identified by the colored line.  The black splotches are painted over tracks or switches that had been removed.  For example the NYC was double track through the crossing at one time.  Penn Central took one track out and installed the blue switches. 

        At one time the NYC and PRR had an interchange.  The black paint covered the removed switches.  When the NYC (T&OC) had passenger trains, they gained access to Columbus Union Station through this interchange and the interchange shown coming from the south.  In the early Twentieth Century the T&OC used its Ohio Central Station located on West Broad Street south of LM Tower.  Later the Broad St. station was closed and the T&OC used Columbus Union Station.

        The two tracks in the lower left led to the PRR's Franklinton Yard.  These were referred to as the 88 and 90 tracks.  The C&O had an interchange that led to tracks 88 and 90 at one time.  This interchange was one way the C&O's Sportsman passenger train gained access to Columbus Union Station.

        At one time all tracks had derails on both sides of the diamonds.  Number 57 in the lower center is an example of a derail.  Even when the derails were removed the operator had to pull the derail levers because the machine didn't know the derails were removed.

        Another view of the model board.  Difficult to see is the lettering in the top left which reads "Columbus Interlocking, C&O RY  PCC&StL RR and NYC RR"

        In the Conrail era the HV and the High Street towers were closed.  LM Tower received this interlocking machine to control the track those towers previously handled.  This photo was taken in 1987.


All Photographs Edward Miller Collection